About Me

Hello, my name is Marcus Sims and I am an Environmental Ranger with a personal interest in Uranium mining and exploration. When Googling the internet for information I realised there was no single site dedicated to purely Uranium exploration so I figured I would create one. Now I am not very tech savy so please bare with me, particularly in the first few months whilst I start to build out content.

In terms of my knowledge level I am very much at the ‘fundamentals’ stage, I am by no means an expert but I hope that by scouring the internet for information I can learn along the way and the benefit for you is that you can save time hunting for the same details, you can read them from this site instead.

I have a contact form available on my ‘Say Hello‘ page and it would be great to hear from you with any advice or requests you have that could make the site better. Whilst it is a bit of a hobby of mine it is always nice hearing that it is proving to be a valuable resource for others.

Over time I would like to add articles on topics such as mine feasibility, mine operation and more detail around the various mining methods. I have also seen some websites that have fairly good guides on mine geomechanics (i.e. sloping ground, ground support etc) so would like to put together a summary of that.

Lastly, over the next few months I plan to add a summary of waste management within uranium mines, basically some detail around the safe and efficient operation of the mines for all involved.

If you have some knowledge on these subjects that you would like to share then please let me know as I would be sure to credit you on the site.